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Our goals have and always will encompass a wide variety of musical genres.

We pride ourselves on the diversity of any of the artists we work with, on any level.  We feel incredibly lucky to have so much talent working directly with us as a part of our roster.
MC Entity
Unique underground hip-hop from Grand Junction, Colorado.
The Father of Wrong-Note Metal
RIP Jesse "Drummer" Robinson
Kill Sign Kilo
Trance and Dubstep. Half of Sinthetic Corporation. Oklahoma.
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The Broken Poet Society
Unique Artcore Metal from Burlington, Ontario, Canada.
Machinery Cell
Wrong Note Metal.
          Western Colorado
Nik - Kinetik
Freestyle indie hip-hop from Wellsboro, Pennsylvania.
Controlled Demise
Pulse-pounding metal from Denver, Colorado.
David Angel
Alternative rock and goth from Ontario, Canada.
FKA: Poppa Capp True-to-Life, legit rap from Western Colorado.
Lyrically-gifted inspirational hip-hop from Las Vegas, Nevada.
Progressive Industrial with a message from Denver, Colorado.
The Dead Lotus Society
Diverse metal mischief from this Denver, Colorado group.
DJ EsJay
Turntableist and MetaArtist
Grand Junction, Colorado

One quarter of Ghost Gang, Midwest Hip-Hop from GJ, CO.
Serial Killer Sunday School
Pure, Unforgiving Punk Rock
from Denver, Colorado.
Resident Mixology DJ, Part of Ghost Gang. Western Colorado.
Darling Jameson
Soulful acoustic and progressive rock from Hollywood, California.

86 - B

Half-punk, half-folk, ALL raw.
From Denver, Colorado.
Cody Steffens
A unique breed of acoustic music from this Denver, CO artist.